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Gain the total Barra Brava experience

The cerveza is flowing, there's a strange mix of music, our flags are unfurled, our drums are readied for battle, there's the amazing smell of good food sizzling on a grill and laughter wafts from our circle of cars and trucks positioned in Lot 8.

The concept of the Barra Brava tailgate is straightforward and simple. We subscribe to the motto of working to live well, not living to work. We celebrate life exactly the way we celebrate our love of futbol. We're loud, we're passionate, and yes… at times we're a bit scary. However, what may surprise you is our openness.
Hell's KitchenAt first glance a Barra Brava tailgate may look like a band of marauding hooligans, but when you come in and take a closer look you'll see a diverse group of friends bonded by soccer passion. We have jobs, families and interests aside from soccer (really… we do) but we cherish the time we spend celebrating our favorite sport. We share our food and drink plus we support each other and DC United.

An outsider may think there might be little in common between this band of Bolivians, Americans, Colombians, Italians, Scots, Hondurans and Spaniards…but there certainly is. We learn so much from each other. This melting pot of great football cultures makes us all richer in the long run.

The Grille MASTER Our primary goal as a supporter group is to support United and all of our members not just a chosen few. It's also our goal to give back more than we receive from our members, whether it's through ticket discounts, meeting players, flags, jerseys, free food and free beer (21+).
It's a fact that all supporter clubs need to make a bit of money to cover costs…but we strive to return that money back to our members providing them with things that enhance their game day experience.
Our leadership is accessible and, if you haven't noticed, our organization is a bit free flowing. We try not to over-organize to.

La Barra Brava recognizes that the most important time for a quality supporters group is when a team is struggling -- not when it's winning championships every year. There's never a shortage of fans that flock to a champion, but it takes a special type of fan to stick with a team in bad times. Look around at the people surrounding you in RFK. Were they there for every game in 1997 as well as every game in 2001? Many in our ranks have seen the same faces surrounding them since 1996.

Mr. Will Chang Owner of D.C. United cooking at the Barra tailgateLa Barra Brava has been and will always be a true melting pot of cultures, nationalities, colorful characters and races---it works the way America is designed to work. Sure the types of faces may ebb and flow but the tradition remains and the foundations remain. Over 25 different nationalities are represented in La Barra Brava.
Join us at our tailgate and gain the total Barra Brava experience.

Our tailgates are open for everyone and the best of all it's FREE.

Tailgate Tips by Chico (R.I.P)

 Respect your self and others.

 Get to know the songs, chants and other members.

 FREE food, soft drinks and beer (21+) at every tailgate.

 Arrive early, We start our tailgates 4 hours before kickoff.

 Bring something! Anything! to share.

 Our tailgate is lacated in lot 8.


Tailgate Location