Our Sponsors

HeinekenBarra Brava FC is pleased to announce that a sponsorship extension has been reached with "Modelo USA" which has become the official jersey sponsor of BBFC for 2013 and beyond. As part of the agreement, Modelo has funded the purchase of brand new, full Adidas uniforms for the club's three teams.  Modelo Especial is a high quality beer that makes a statement of substance over style because of its distinctive look, authenticity, and well-balanced flavor.  Modelo Especial will be the official beer for all Barra Brava tailgates and parties.  We are sincerely grateful for the support Modelo has provided to our club and are looking forward to helping expand the brand among the Barra and BBFC community. Drink Modelo, amigos!

 club sponsor. For the past three years, Scappy has provided the club with high-quality, custom training jerseys and shirts and will continue to be the club's go-to vendor for all our wearable merchandise for the next three years.  Scrappy Apparel is committed to local soccer and and is dedicated to helping grow the sport and the Barra Brava FC brand in the Washington DC area.  If you or your organization is looking for a reputable source of your own custom apparel, please contact BBFC and we will be happy to refer you.