BBFC Select

Due to the tremendous success of BBFC Premier and the growing demand from local players to be a part of a successful and competitive amateur club, BBFC Select was founded in 2009 to accommodate interest from numerous players wishing to sign with our club. Like Premier, BBFC Select is a highly competitive team that expects to win on the field. Playing in the Washington International Soccer League, Select are carrying on the legacy of BBFC as we seek to, once again, become the best team in WISL.


Select’s mission is solidify our place in the upper level of Washington DC amateur soccer by competing for local league championships each season. Select is a team for college-level and equivalent players who love to compete and expect results on the field while being a part of a truly unique and enjoyable amateur club.  


For more information about obtaining a trial or about partnering with Barra Brava FC, please contact BBFC General Manager, Will Clearman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.